Nintendo Switch Games Under £20

Some Of The Best Cheap Nintendo Switch Games - October 2020

I love my Nintendo Switch, but I don’t own that many games on it. This is because the majority of Switch games come with quite a high price tag, especially the exclusives like Mario and Zelda which really hold their value. 

But is it possible to buy good games on the Switch for less than £20?

The answer is yes! So today I’m going to share some of my favourite games you can pick up for under £20 on the Switch. I’d also love to hear what your favourite budget Switch games are so don’t forget to leave a comment on YouTube.

I hope this helps inspire your next purchase.


Sine Mora Ex

Sine Mora Ex Switch


Sine Mora is one of those games that I get instantly addicted to. It’s a side-scrolling shoot-em-up with tonnes of bullets flying everywhere. Most notably this classic gameplay style is mixed with really gorgeous, contemporary graphics. 

In the game you fly an airplane, shoot enemies, slow-down time and collect power-ups. There’s no health bar as such, you just have to shoot as many enemies or damage one boss in the time allocated. If you get hit by bullets or rockets, time is deducted, but if you successfully destroy a target, you are awarded extra time. 

When the game over screen appears, I just want to try again and implement what i’d learnt about an enemy. It’s also fun discovering what different secondary weapons do.

I bought this brand new on eBay for £8.95 which I think is fantastic value as there’s plenty of replayability in this game. 

This is definitely a game you should try out on the Switch.


Hellmutt Bad Ass From Hell

Hellmut Bad Ass From Hell Switch Game

The next game I picked up for under £20 is Hellmut: Bad Ass From Hell. This is a twin-stick roguelike shooter where the levels and enemies are randomly generated, so no level is ever the same. Firstly, I love pixel art games and this has really good aesthetics. 

Essentially you play the game as a flying skull who can take on various mutations which have various abilities. Some have long range weapons, whilst others are short range. For example, Stitchmonster has a hammer which can be thrown quite a long way. You can switch between mutations in the middle of a run which is really useful, especially if they’re low on health. When you’re down to your last mutated character and they die, you fall back to the original flying skull. 

There’s also a shop where you can buy more health, protection or better weapons. Whilst you’re dogding bullets there’s also coins, gems and new weapons to collect, but there is limited amo on these. There are also challenge rooms which allow you to collect and unlock new mutations.

All in all, I picked this game up brand new on Amazon for £13.75 and after a couple of goes I was hooked. This is a fast pace dungeon run that I’d definitely recommend playing. 



Yoku’s Island Express 

Switch game under £20 Yoku

Another Switch game you can pick up for under £20 is Yoku’s Island Express. Yoku’s Island Express for me is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s instantly addictive and offers hours of fun. 

As the new postmaster for the island, you must deliver letters to various mailboxes dotted around this huge, beautiful island. Along the way you’ll meet new characters who you run errands for. For example there’s a Slug gardener who’s tools you must retrieve. When you collect the tool it allows you to vacuum up exploding slugs, and fire them at rocks so you can discover new areas.  

This indie game offers an interesting take on pinball in the sense that you control flippers and your character, an ant is permanently attached to a ball. However, this is more than just pinball, there’s sections of exploration, there’s a story and you get to battle a boss.

This game makes me feel so happy. I like collecting the fruits and then in turn using them to unlock flippers which blast you to new locations. This is a really polished game with upbeat music that makes you feel happy and relaxed when you play it. I would really recommend this game, I picked it up brand new from Amazon for £14.50.


Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Switch Game

Next up is Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams. This is the Owltimate Edition and I picked it up brand new on Amazon for £9.95.It’s safe to say Gianna Sisters has come a long way since it was originally born in the 80s. It’s a game that at the time essentially copied the original Super Mario Bros game, but I’m now really pleased to see it’s found its own identity! The graphics are excellent and the soundtrack is legendary.

In the game you can switch between Gianna’s personalities as she strives to save her sister. On the one hand, her cute mode lets you dash through beautiful, lush environments. Then at the tap of a button the world switches into a dark devilish one where once friendly fluffy birds change into flying devils. There’s so many gems to collect too, which is great for the completionist. These also appear and disappear depending on which mode your in.

Overall this is a fantastic and challenging old school platformer that is fantastic value with 40 levels to beat. 

Max and the Curse of the Brotherhood

Max and the Curse of the Brotherhood Nintendo Switch

Max and the curse of the Brotherhood is another hidden gem I first discovered and completed on the Xbox gamepass. So when I saw it on the Switch for £15 on CEX, I just had to add it to my collection.

The game centers around Max, who is on a mission to rescue his younger brother, who he accidentally wishes away to the forces of evil. In a very Sword in the Stone moment, you unlock a magic marker that gives you various elemental abilities. This fun game mechanic lets you draw elements onto your surroundings. For example you can draw earth where there’s an orange highlight, create tree vines to swing on and climb up where there’s a green highlight, plus you can even control water and fire fireballs. 

The game really shines when it comes to puzzle solving and that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed playing it so much. I found the whole concept and pen game- play mechanic really interesting and would recommend it to others who enjoy puzzle platformers.


Trials Rising Gold Edition 

Trials Rising Game on the Nintendo Switch

As a fan of the Trials series, I was really excited to get hold of the Trials Rising: Gold Edition game for £12.99, brand new on Amazon. Trials Rising has got really interesting level designs. The levels aren’t just based on a bog standard course with hills – you’ve got jumps, loop the loops and the platforms change around you. Sometimes you’ll think you’re riding across a plank and the next thing you know, it’s flipped you across the screen.  ARGGHHH!!!

It’s also so quick to restart levels when you’re falling behind that gold medal position. Another game where I’m instantly addicted.

The environments are also interesting, one minute you could be on a construction site, the next you could be riding through a Hollywood studio. Although the gas control is not as smooth as on other consoles, I really love that the portability of the Nintendo Switch means you can take this game with you and play it anywhere. 

Trine 4

Switch game - Trine 4

As a long time fan of the Trine series I was so excited to see that you can pick up a brand new copy of Trine 4 on the Switch for £14.99 on Amazon. This is a really beautiful game that takes you on a magical journey through several dream-like locations. You can play as Amadeus the wizard, Pontius the Knight or Zoya the Thief. Each has their own unique set of abilities, which you use to solve many of the fantastic puzzles this game boasts. For example Amadeus can conjure boxes and move other objects. Pontius can smash through objects, use a shield to shelter from fireballs or to reflect light and redirect beams. Zoya on the other hand can now make rope bridges to walk across. Although you switch between characters to solve the puzzles or to fight off enemies, my preferred character is Zoya, because I like shooting things with my bow and arrow…. Oops wrong game. (cut to horizon)

The majority of the game is made up of puzzle solving. There’s collectables and the odd enemy to fight which breaks up the game play. And if you’re a completionist, there’s replayability in the levels as it’s unlikely you’ll collect all the collectibles and pink bottles the first time around. Overall Trine 4 is a remarkably beautiful game set in a fairy-tale world. I’d really recommend playing this puzzle platformer. 


Gelly Break

Gelly Break Switch Game

Gelly Break is a family friendly game that offers a good mix of puzzling, shooting and platforming. In the game you can switch between being an orange Gelly and a green Gelly. Similarly to Death Squared, you can only go across platforms that match your character colour. If you’re green and the platform is orange, you simply fall through.As you progress through the levels, you’re given a variety of enemies to shoot with your snout – in twin stick shooter style. Some only require a couple of hits whilst others need you to switch and smash their harder shells. 

Importantly though, this is a Switch game that can be played in local co-op mode. This adds an extra dimension to the game. In co-op mode you can control a Gelly each and stand on top of each others heads. I picked this up brand new from Amazon for £12.90 and whilst this is a relatively short game, it’s good to pick up and have a quick play on.


Rad Rodgers

Rad Rodgers games on the Switch

Next up is Rad Rodgers Radical Edition. This game is a 90s inspired, side scrolling platformer, but with more modern graphics. In this game you play as a young boy who is obsessed with playing video games. One day his old school CRT TV opens up a portal and sucks him in.When Rad wakes up in this new world, he finds he’s now got an extra pair of spring loaded arms. The robot on his back is known as Dusty and is voiced by Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St John. Radical!

When you’ve got Duke Nukem in a game, you know there’s going to be some crude humour. This is certainly the case with Rad Rodgers. I did giggle to myself when I unlocked baby Duke Nukem and was able to play as him. A character that may offend some, but I loved it!

Overall, Rad Rodgers offers lots of shooting with occasional puzzling. It’s worth checking out if you enjoy 90s games with Conkers Bad Fur Day style humour. I picked up a new copy on Amazon for £10.15.