How to overclock a Core2Quad Q6600 using tape

Get some more power out of this old processor with the help of some tape!

Using Tape To Overclock An Intel Q6600 (BSEL Mod)

Amazingly, the Intel Q6600 is now a 13 year old processor (wow, those years flew by!), it was my first quad core CPU and for that reason I’ve got many happy memories of my DFI Lanparty powered socket 775 gaming pc of that era. Fast forward to 2020 and the Q6600 has still got enough oomph for everyday tasks such as running Windows 10, browsing the web and performing office based tasks, it’s even got enough power for some light gaming.

I was lucky enough to use a highly overclockable motherboard with my Q6600 but what if you’ve got an OEM system like a Dell, Lenovo or HP system. Luckily all is not lost, there’s an old mod called a BSEL mod that essentially involves covering one contact on the back of the CPU with electrical tape, this tricks the motherboard into thinking that the CPU should be run on the faster 1333 bus speed rather than the stock 1066 bus speed. This in turn means that you can overclock your Intel Q6600 from 2.4ghz to 3ghz in most OEM systems like Dell, Lenovo’s or HP’s. For this to work your motherboard needs to support 1333 bus speeds, you can find this out by visiting the manufacturer of your system and checking to see whether your system supports the later 1333 processors (e.g Q9450, Q9550 etc), if it does you’re in luck and will most likely be able to perform this mod.

In the above video we perform this mod and then test our CPU in a small form factor Dell Optiplex 760.

If you’re thinking of performing this modification yourself we recommend using Scotch Super 33 electrical tape and some good thermal paste like Arctic MX4.