10 Of The Best Couch Co-Op Games

I share some of my favourite couch coop games that can be played on the PC, XBox One, Playstation and more

10 OF THE BEST COUCH CO-OP GAMES | Top 10 Couch Co-Op Games PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC 2020

Whilst playing games on your own can be fun, it’s often a more enjoyable experience when you can play along with friends, family or your other half. Over the years, I’ve played loads of local multiplayer games, so I thought I would share my favourites. So without further ado, here’s my top 10.

10) Cuphead

cuphead being played in coop

If you’re looking for a challenging couch co-op game, look no further than Cuphead.

After sneaking into a Casino owned by the devil himself, Cuphead and his brother Mugman find themselves getting into some gambling trouble and the only way they can repay the devil is by collecting souls from a bunch of other debtors.

The game boasts amazing 1930’s Betty Boop style, cartoon graphics and is paired with high tempo jazz and swing band music, which match the game play perfectly. Most of the gameplay is based around hectic boss battles… you might be battling a giant carrot, the queen of Candyland or a bird that resembles a cuckoo clock, but the there’s also platforming levels mixed in to break up the gameplay.

This game is not for the faint hearted. It’s challenging and difficult, but that’s what makes it so much fun. The first time you try battling a boss, it seems impossible, but each time you try, you discover new tactics and gradually learn of the enemies weaknesses and tells. When you die you’re given a progress bar, which only makes you want to try again. When you do manage to beat some of the harder levels, there’s a real sense of accomplishment, plus you can finally give those thumbs a rest.

Overall, Cuphead is a one-of-a-kind game that will not only test your patience, but will wow you with it’s imaginative art style and 1930s music influences.


9) Marvel Lego Superheroes

Marvel lego superheroes

If you’ve played Lego games before, you pretty much know what to expect from Marvel Lego Superheroes. It’s a fun packed, light-hearted game full of side missions, collectables and hidden challenges. Alongside the shiny brick graphics, visual jokes and quirky humour, there’s a giant cast of Marvel characters to choose from, each with their own set of super-cool strengths and abilities. You can play as Hulk, Wolverine, Spiderman and so many more comic book favourites! Whether your smashing up bricks or solving puzzles, it’s so much fun playing this game in coop mode. For the most part it’s a single screen game, but the split screen kicks if there’s more distance between you.

Whilst there are lots of Lego games to choose from… Lego Marvel Superheroes is one of my favourites.


8) Unravel 2

Unravel 2 multiplayer

Unravel 2 is a family friendly, puzzle-platformer game developed by Coldwood Interactive and unlike it’s predecessor, Unravel 2 can be played locally with 2 players.

Throughout the game you can play as 2 incredibly cute creatures who are made entirely from yarn and are known as Yarnies.

At the start of the game, your Yarnies are stranded near a lighthouse and form a connection which causes them to be entwined together by a limited amount of thread. You are then taken on an incredibly beautiful journey through photorealistic environments.

Since the game has been specifically designed with co-op in mind, you’ll need to find ways to help each other progress through the levels. This in-itself encourages you to communicate and bounce ideas off one another. “I could try swinging you across that gap” or “what happens if you tether to that object and I go the other way.” It’s very rewarding when you figure the puzzle out.

There also might be sections that one player feels more confident about and as such the two Yarnies can merge together and be controlled by that one player. Once you’re through the section you can separate and continue at your own pace.

In conclusion, Unravelled 2 is a game that focuses on the themes of friendship and connections. It offers a good balance between action and puzzle solving. I found it to be quite a relaxing and therapeutic game to play and would recommend it for it’s beautiful visuals and sense of adventure.


7) Trine 2

Trine 2 in couch co-op mode

Trine 2 is a fantasy-themed, puzzle platformer game with gorgeous graphics and varied environments.

You can play as Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight or Zoya the Thief. Each character has unique abilities, which makes puzzle solving fun and varied. Amadeus can conjour certain magical items and levitate objects, Pontius can fight with his sword and break almost anything with his Storm hammer. He also has a protective shield. Zoya has a grapple hook rope that she can use in many ingenious ways and can also fire arrows.

Playing in co-op means there’s several ways to make your way across the levels and achieve your objectives.

Whether your fighting your way through a dungeon, floating on bubbles, rearranging pipes or jumping across traps, Trine 2 will definitely dazzle you with it’s graphics and is best enjoyed locally with one or two players.


6) Lara Croft and The Guardian Of Light

Lara Croft and The Guardian Of Light

Lara Croft and The Guardian Of Light is a superb twin stick shooter played from the top down perspective. You can play as the leading lady herself Lara Croft or as a 2000 year old Mayan warrior named Totec.

The aim of the game is to work together to stop an evil spirit and to retrieve the Mirror of Smoke.

In Lara Croft & The Guardian Of Light, the levels are cleverly designed in a way that encourages you to work together and harness each character’s unique abilities. For example, Totec has a shield which helps Lara reach higher levels and Lara has a grapple which means she can make a tight rope for Totec to walk across.

There’s also re-playability in this game by switching to other character the next time round.

The game boasts an engaging mix of combat and is punctuated by various intricate puzzles. As with any Tomb Raider game there are a variety of Tombs to explore and various artefacts and rewards to collect. A truly enjoyable co-op experience.


5) Moving Out

Moving Out Couch Co-op Game

Moving Out, like the name implies is a genuinely funny game all about moving. But it’s not just a game about moving house. As a certified FART (yes I did just say Fart…a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician) you must move certain boxes, items of furniture and sometimes animals out of buildings onto your removal truck in the fastest time possible. As you race against the clock, it’s apparent that you’re not going to be offering an undamaged and neat removal service. It’s going to be a frantic, chaotic process. If it’s quicker to throw a box out of a window, it’s going that way!

Each level offers varied and engaging environments. You might be carrying chemicals across a lab, hearding sheep into the truck or fumbling across crocodiles in Frogger style levels. The levels also have a variety of items to move, some are fragile whilst others awkward and require 2 people to move them. You can try moving a corner sofa on your own, but trust me…it just won’t budge and often results in some gassy sound effects!

Overall Moving Out is a hilarious game that offers manic cooperative fun.


4) Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins fun co-op game

Rayman Origins is a superb side scroller that delivers hours of pure fun, combined with a good variety of game play. You can play as Rayman himself, his best friend Globox or two teensies. It’s got amazing graphics and catchy music… and the level design really comes into it’s own when you play it co-operatively.

Throughout the levels there are plenty of Easter Eggs. Together you can find secret areas and free electoons, you can collect lums and Skull Coins. These all contribute towards earning medals and trophies.

Some of our favourite moments include chasing a Treasure Chest across the screen. One wrong move and you’re dead… these challenges are so addictive and you find yourself hitting that restart button again..and again….and again! Other memorable moments include riding on the back of giant mosquitos whilst shooting and scrambling around trying to collect more lums than my other half.

Now, I haven’t included the sequel to this game in my list of favourites as they’re quite similar, but I would really recommend playing Rayman Legends with a friend, especially the music levels.


3) Super Mario 3D World

Mario 3D World

Everyone’s favourite Italian Plumber is back in Super Mario 3D World… and this time round you can play as the little fella himself or you can choose to play as Luigi, Toad or Princess Peach!

Super Mario 3D World is an incredibly colourful and enjoyable game that you simply can’t help smiling at whilst you play.

Notably you can now be Cat Mario with a Cat-Bell power up that lets you lunge and claw away at enemies. The suit also lets you explore otherwise unreachable heights because you can climb up walls.

There are sooo many creative and magnificent levels in this game. One minute you could be skating on snowy playgrounds, clowning around at the circus or hurtling down a waterfall on the back of Plessie the Dinosaur. Collecting hidden green stars also unlocks even more new and amazing levels. Not only is it so much fun playing this game with friends, it’s also easier to find these collectables when there’s more of you running around on the screen.

Each level is usually punctuated by a mini game or two which are brilliant fun in co-op!

The amount of enjoyment you get from playing this game is vast. It’s actually quite difficult to narrow down the best bits because there are so many of them, but one things for sure, it’s definitely a game that you should sit down and play with your friends, family or other half. The fun is endless! And importantly, this one’s now making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch.


2) Broforce

BroForce couch co-op

Broforce is one of my favourite couch co-op games. It’s an extremely fun, run-and-gun platformer created by South African Video Game Developer “Free Lives.”

Now I really love “the 80s” and “old school action hero” films, so this game really connected with me.

It’s got really cool 16-bit style retro artwork and then there’s the characters you can play as… each one is based on an 80s or 90s action hero and has a “Bro” based name.

For example you’ve got RamBRO, BRObocop and B.A. BROracus. I won’t give too many of these names away, as we were all in stitches when they were introduced for the first time.

In BroForce, the aim of the game is to defeat terrorists on each level. You can do this by climbing, grabbing walls and jumping across ledges whilst firing an array of weapons which include bazukas, flame throwers and rocket launchers.

One of the things I love about BroForce is the truly chaotic experience it provides, especially when playing in coop. Explosive chain reactions are common-place… one deliberate shot at a gas canister or in some cases accidental shots can cause a massive amount of carnage. And because each Bro has a different set of weapons, it’s always funny finding out what they’re capable of.

My personal favourite character is MacBrover…. Now this is no ordinary BRO, he’s a BRO armed with a special weapon… an exploding chicken… and for this reason I always refer to him as “Chicken Man.” And the noises the enemy makes when you use this weapon are always worthy of a chuckle!! “mmmm, oooommm, mmmm” BANG


1) Overcooked

best couch co op game, overcooked

Yet another Team 17 game has made it’s way onto my list of favourites! They are just smashing the co-op genre at the moment!!!

So what is Overcooked?

Overcooked is a hectic, chaotic action-packed cooking game that can be played with 1 to 4 players, but I would really recommend playing this locally with 2 players upwards.

The aim of the game is to prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty food orders before the customers get angry about the service being too slow or their order being wrong.

Now this might sound like a simple task, but as soon as the timer starts the pressures is on and you have to figure out what to do. It’s a game that definitely encourages you to communicate with one another. And by communicate, I mean panic with raised voices –

“ahhhh where’s the clean dishes!”, “Nooo…I’ve run out of chopped potatoes” …. “ahhh ahhh where’s the fire extinguisher!!!”

It’s also worth noting that the levels are not set in bog-standard kitchens, they’re beautiful, creative and often unexpected. You might be cooking on a pirate ship with counters that sway from side to side… or cooking on 2 separate food trucks as they’re driving down the road….or darting to and from kitchens that are separated by moving icebergs. Whatever the level, fun is guaranteed.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a second overcooked game called Overcooked 2 where a throwing game play mechanic is introduced, but personally I prefer the level designs of the first game. They just feel a bit more hectic and less frustrating. The dishes are also easier to assemble when you understand what the final outcome is supposed to be. Our group particularly enjoyed making burgers. Yum!

I would highly recommend Overcooked, it’s a game that keeps you coming back for more. The levels are so much fun and last Christmas I played this with family members who have no gaming experience whatsoever and they absolutely loved it.